COPD still deeply affects the respiratory health of many people. Many factors also contribute to the development of COPD in modern humans. For example, the decline in air quality, unhealthy breathing patterns, the effects of smoking or secondhand smoke, etc.

In the face of severe COPD patients, what he needs is a larger and more stable oxygen production equipment.

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As a professional oxygen equipment manufacturer, what can AngelBiss do for these patients?

AngelBiss’ engineering team has designed a high-flow oxygen device.

Angel-15s is currently the first plastic body 15liter oxygen concentrator for severe COPD patients. It provides 95% high purity and 15 liter large flow oxygen.

oxygen concentrator

It has the following advantages

● Continuous and stable oxygen output, oxygen fluctuation is maintained at ±1%.

● Large flow, 15L flow support.

● In line with medical standards, the oxygen concentration is maintained at 93% ± 3%.

● The transportation cost is low, and the plastic shell makes the weight of the machine lower, which greatly reduces the transportation cost compared with sheet metal parts.

● The casters are easy to transport, equipped with universal wheels and handles. Realize multi-room multi-location switching.

● Large panel, easy to operate. The LED display screen provides a wider operating field of vision.

● 6 large safety alarm system to ensure every safe and smooth oxygen therapy.

● Support customization, customize the oxygen generator you need according to your requirements.

● AngelBiss provides 2 year warranty for its normal performance.

● It’s suitable for rental. Relieve patients’ pain and reduce their cost.

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