Hydrogen Machine

The hydrogen oxygen machine (The trademark FREEAIR has been authorized by Europe representative of Angelbiss).

Hyperbaric Chamber

Consisting of a chamber of medical grade TPU nanocomposite fiber material and an oxygen-enriched hyperbaric generator.

Oxygen Analyzer

The O2A010 oxygen analyzer is smart and fast to measure oxygen purity of 20%-95.9% in the range of 1-10LPM correctly.

Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrators (PSA Technology) are the most reliable, efficient, and convenient source

Suction Machine

Suction Machine, known as Aspirator, it is a portable suction unit which can be used for suck of viscous liquid.

Oxygen Generator

Oxygen Generator usually refer to oxygen device that generate oxygen by split it from other gases in an industrial way.

Mini Oxygen Plant

Mini Oxygen Plant consists of a PSA oxygenator system, an oxygen buffer vessel (storage tank) system and a booster system

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We work to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes by adopting eco-friendly practices and constantly seeking ways to improve the sustainability of our production chain.

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Our concentrators use the latest AngelBiss technology, ensuring superior efficiency in the oxygen delivery process. We have paid particular attention to the design to ensure that our concentrators are not only functional, but also easy to use, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Product Warranties: "Each of our concentrators is covered by a warranty that includes 2 years or 18,000 working hours. This ensures that our customers are protected from any manufacturing defects. We offer preventative maintenance plans to ensure long-term optimal performance. Our technical support team is available to answer your questions and provide remote support. Additionally, we offer on-site support services if needed. We provide easily accessible original spare parts and components. Should the need arise, our warehouse is well stocked to ensure minimal downtime. Our commitment to customers doesn't end with the sale. We are always ready to respond to your needs, offering continuous and personalized support.

Various Size and Portability Options: "We have oxygen concentrators available in different sizes to meet your different needs. From portable to home-use solutions, we offer a wide range of options." Customizable Flow Levels: “Our concentrators allow customers to adjust flow levels to suit their specific medical needs. Customization is key to ensuring individual well-being.” Concentrators for Different Applications: "We design specific concentrators for different applications, such as those suitable for medical use, home therapy, travel or outdoor activities. This diversification allows customers to find the ideal solution for their needs." Intuitive User Interface: “Our user interface is intuitively designed to ensure concentrators are accessible to users of all ages and levels of familiarity with medical technology.” Customizing Power Options: “We recognize that power needs may vary. Therefore, we offer oxygen concentrators that can be powered through multiple sources, including electricity, batteries, or even vehicle power.”

Sustainable Materials: "We are committed to using sustainable materials in the production of our oxygen concentrators, reducing environmental impact and promoting resource responsibility." Energy Efficiency: "We design our concentrators to maximize energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and contributing to a more sustainable use of resources." Recyclability of Components: "Where possible, we select components that are recyclable at the end of the product's life cycle, promoting responsible waste management." Eco-Friendly Production Processes: "We work to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes by adopting eco-friendly practices and constantly seeking ways to improve the sustainability of our production chain." Environmental Certifications: "Constantly seeking the best environmental practices, we have obtained certifications [specify environmental certifications] that attest to our commitment to an ecological approach." Recycle or Return Programs: “To promote responsible recycling, we offer recycling or return programs for our oxygen concentrators at the end of their useful life.”