ANGELBISS, a promising brand has been registered at Germany, Malaysia, the USA and PRC China. AngelBiss Healthcare Inc, an engineering development center and the first company focus on fluctuation of oxygen concentrator and the only company capable of controlling the fluctuation rate within 0.1% when even oxygen output is at 7bar high pressure. AngelBiss team engage in development, exportation and manufacturing quality products on the field of Oxygen Therapy, Surgery Therapy, Oxygen Supply, Asthma Therapy and Diagnostic Therapy. With its own unique advantages and powerful engineering capabilities, AngelBiss has provided many high-quality solutions to customers all over the world.

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Contact us

  • AngelBiss Healthcare Inc
    1150 S Milliken Ave Ste 1086 Ontario, CA 91761
    Tel: 909-457-6526
  • AngelBiss Medical Technology Co.,Ltd
    No.106, Shuanghe Road, Dianshanhu Town, 215345, Shanghai,China
  • E-mail:

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Latest News

  • The importance of oxygen under COVID-19

    The importance of oxygen under COVID-19

    Oxygen is as important as water that sustains our life. Lack of oxygen will lead to impairment of our body condition. Shanghai has been under lockdown since April 2022. People are quarantined at home and do not leave ...

  • Voice Control Implied in AngelBiss Oxygen Concentrator

    Voice Control Implied in AngelBiss Oxygen...

    Can you use your voice to control your oxygen concentrator? Yes, you can now. Recently, our engineers has successfully developed a new voice control function for AngelBiss series oxygen concentrators. People can simpl...

  • A Wide Variety of Activities Establish a Better Team!

    A Wide Variety of Activities Establish a ...

    To establish a united, efficient and professional sales team, the marketing section implements a series of activities at the beginning of 2022. We hope these activities can deepen the bond among the members, enhance t...

  • Happy New Year 2022!

    Happy New Year 2022!

    The year of fighting the COVID-19 together is coming to an end. In 2021, we have engaged in many challenges and achieved many achievements together. AngelBiss firmly believes that we will be more comprehensive and mor...

  • Industrialized aquaculture: the magical use of oxygen generator

    Industrialized aquaculture: the magical u...

    With the development of the times, fertile fields and buildings gradually replaced the former forest lakes. The reduction of water resources and biodiversity has made human beings aware of their mistakes. Human beings...

  • New Product Launch :Oxygen Purity Analyzer

    New Product Launch :Oxygen Purity Analyzer

    Recently, Angelbiss launched a new Oxygen Purity Analyzer(INSPECTOR O2). It is mainly used for the monitoring of oxygen purity. The INSPECTOR O2 oxygen purity analyzer can detect not only oxygen purity, but also flow ...

  • Does the elderly need to be equipped with an oxygen generator?

    Does the elderly need to be equipped with...

    The human life course is composed of conception, childbirth, crawling, language acquisition, puberty, menopause, aging and death. In these processes, oxygen plays a very important role. So, for the elderly, do we need...