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Angelbiss company

Company Profile

AngelBiss, a gas drive engineering development center and the first company focus on fluctuation of oxygen concentrator. She is the only company capable of controlling the fluctuation rate within 0.1% when even oxygen output is at 7bar high pressure. AngelBiss team engage in development and manufacturing of quality products on the field of Oxygen applications, Hydrogen applications, HBOT applications, Vacuum applications and Gas tester applications. AngelBiss has provided many applicable O2 and H2 solutions to vary customers all over the world with her own unique strength and powerful engineering capabilities since 2005. The benefitable customers including Malaysia, United Kingdoms, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, India, Iraq, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, the USA, the UAE, Yemen, Ukraine, Chile, Peru, Japan, Australia, etc. In AngelBiss engineering lab research found that the lower fluctuation rate means that the oxygen equipment has the less chance of defect in every connected part, thus make the machine to run at perfect and durable life. Hence Stability and Quality both are ensured by the sole technology. That is the main charming of AngelBiss products. AngelBiss all products are complied with the USA Technology quality standards and the best performance at its electronic life span. The products are cost effective and environmentally friendly, simple to maintain, which have proved their reliability in a myriad of services across the globe. AngelBiss ensure your safety in using its products, granting better use services to its distributors and consumers.

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15+ years of Experience

Angelbiss company

Brand Profile

ANGELBISS, a promising brand has been registered at Germany, Malaysia, the USA and PRC China. ANGELBISS is quality brand owned by AngelBiss Healthcare Inc (USA) and AngelBiss Medical Technology (China). ANGELBISS successfully registered as a unique brand at California USA, Dusseldorf Germany and Shanghai China. The meanings of the brand as well as the core value of the company is expressed as follow: (images 05) The combination of Angel Broken Wings and the English brand name ANGELBISS. An angel is an imaginary character in the hearts of peoples of various countries that brings the gospel, and is a kind of spiritual sustenance. The image of the capital “A” just seems to be a person, only one side of the wings shows its incompleteness, because the mental state of the sick person is incomplete, and this incompleteness just explains that this person needs care. Biss means Blessing. The appearance of the red rainbow means that angel brings hope to person. Thank you to Mr. Foo and Mr. Joe from Malaysia for recommending the name of ANGELBIS

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Our company often manages projects to achieve specific objectives. Using project management tools to plan, monitor and evaluate the progress of projects.


In a business context, managing customer requests efficiently is crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction


This word refers to the process of creating, designing and implementing our products. It is the process of developing a product, responding to customer needs or requests.


Presentation of the solution to the customer, ensuring that it meets their expectations and needs, also including the delivery of the products.